Worried about how you’ll look in your photographs?

Well, I should tell you that I'm exactly the same. It's my mission to make sure you look and feel fantastic. You might think you're not photogenic, but I promise you most people feel exactly the same until they see the photos I have taken of them.

Not comfortable having your photograph taken?

It can feel so awkward and embarrassing being in front of a camera, right? Your smile is forced, and you suddenly become super self-conscious. With me around, you won't be thinking about that as we'll be having so much fun together. It's my job to take the worry away and guide you through the whole experience.

You hate posing and just want natural shots?

Not a problem at all, I stay in the background as much as I can but I'm more than happy to give a little direction if you need it.

Wondering if we’ll get on?

Here's a few bits and pieces about me...

I'm not easily forgotten due to having what people often call a "funny" northern English accent (I moved to Melbourne from the UK 10 years ago)

My favourite drinks are Tea & Wine in no particular order, coupled with a nice Thai or Mexican meal.

My favourite movie is Dirty Dancing (don't judge me!)

I love to travel. My current favourite destination is San Diego* in America (*subject to change)

I have a mission to visit all the major cities in Australia

My kids think I'm weird sometimes (I guess most kids think their parents are a bit strange at times)

I love snuggling up with my rescue dog Bella, especially when it's cold and wet.

I'm married to my trusty sidekick Graham, who is often found helping out on a wedding day.

Get in touch today to see how we can work together!