Being a small business owner or creative is hard work which is why I aim to create the natural images you need to help market you and your unique business without the cheesy smiles and awkwardness.

It's really easy to hide behind your business, to put your business first and forget that you are the one behind it.

People today really do want to know who they are buying from, especially when it's a local small business.

Having great images is very important especially if you are active on social media!

You work too hard to have bad headshots!


I know how hard you're working towards this dream business of yours

You're ambitious and full of determination most days but then there are days that leave you full of doubt. How do I know? Well, I'm in the same position in my little business too. I'm on the same rollercoaster journey as you. You know how brilliantly you do whatever it is you do, and you want the world to know that too.

That's why you've been putting off this shoot

It has to be just right. You don't want those boring corporate images like the ones you see everywhere! You want images that show the real you and your business perfectly. You want them to show exactly who you are, and you want them to help you stand out from all your competition because that's exactly where you deserve to be.

But there's another reason you've been putting this off, right? You're not exactly looking forward to the idea of all those awkward poses and forced smiles in front of a camera. Add to this the fact that you've never liked a photograph of yourself before and the thought of having to do this now isn't exactly filling you full of joy...

Lucky, you've found me!

We'll meet up and have a chat about ideas for your shoot, don't worry if you don't actually have any - I usually have loads! I won't attempt to take any photos until I know a little more about you and your business and what it is you want to project to the world.

As for feeling awkward in front of the camera...

Well, there won't be time for that because I'll be there to guide you. You'll be amazed at how easy it is and how much fun you'll have.

So stop putting it off!

Small Business Photography

Having difficulty finding the right images to market your business, sick of spending hours looking through the huge libraries of stock images. Why not build up your own library with your own images for your website and social media.

It can be hard to sell a product or service online these days with all the competition out there. You've worked hard and now its time to show everyone exactly what it is you have to offer.

Maybe its the people behind the scenes, the tools you use, an event you've organised or the little things you do to make every customer feel special. Whatever it is we'll bring out the best of your business visually.

"Every business has a story...let's tell yours..."