You've worked extremely hard building your photography business and maintaining it is now a huge investment of your time. You're busy each week shooting and then you spend the rest of the week working on all the other areas of running your business - social media, accounts, email, marketing etc. 

Family, friends and any life you had outside of work is starting to suffer and you can't see an end to it. Sound familiar?

Let me help you get back some of that time and achieve the work/life balance you deserve. I spent over 6 years as a wedding photographer, so I know just how hard it is run your business and still find time to have a life!


edit exclusively in Lightroom and my rates are $0.35 per image with a $50 minimum. This includes consistent editing and a personalised one-on-one service.

I guarantee all my work and I want you to be happy with it, so it may take a little time for me to fully understand your style and creative vision. I apply the preset you provide before working on each individual image to ensure it perfectly aligns with your style, making necessary adjustments along the way. 

Delivery times are tailored to suit your unique workflow. It's not always about how fast a catalogue can be delivered, it's more important that you receive your catalogue when you need it. The average turnaround is between 5 and 10 business days.


First things first...make sure you back up the images from the day before culling and editing a few anchor images.

Send the images to me using a super simple process of Smart Previews and Dropbox.

Once the images are edited, I’ll send you a link to your updated catalogue along with your invoice.

All you need to do is download the updated catalogue into your Lightroom and you’re ready to start exporting your client’s images.